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Timur Safin
Timur Safin

Systems Software Engineer

Born in the Soviet Moscow the snowy December 1970. Fast forward 40 years - programmed performance simulator for some experimental "next-generation" processor. Few years further and, boom, found himself evangelizing Intersystems Caché database. Yet another twist - we were making backups great again. One more turn and we are developing Yandex.Taxi backend software.


  • Tarantool Core February 2020 .. Today
    What could be more fun than playing with database engines?
  • Yandex.Taxi May 2018 .. February 2020
    Making Taxi backend software using more effecient algorithms. Played with transport simulators, but discovered that they are complex.
  • Acronis December 2016 .. April 2018
    Was making enterprise backups great again...
  • InterSystems Corporation March 2014 .. July 2016
    Developed proof-of-concept code for several customer enabling projects. Taught on schools, seminars, conferences and meetups. Wrote articles and blog posts. Proposed and organized 1st InterSystems hackathon. Started practice of local meetups which then spread over regions.
  • Intel Corporation
    July 2010 .. November 2013
    As part of memory subsystem team participated in the development of clock-precise simulator for the experimental, next-generation processor. Introduced agile and XP techniques to the team.
  • Intel Corporation
    December 2009 .. June 2010
    Fast, fucntional mode x86 simulator has been created from scratch. Developed new pagewalkers. Maintained VCPUAPI interface for working with external virtual platforms (e.g. Synopsis Innovator).
  • Intel Corporation
    March 2006 .. December 2009
    Served as a virtualization technical leader in the CPU team of full-system virtual platform (SoftSDV). Worked with Intel architects in enabling of new virtualization technologies in the next core architectures. One of designers of "Virtual CPU API" interface – virtual platform and core simulator agnostic interface used in the Intel by several teams.
  • Intersystems Corporation March 2000 .. February 2006
    Support and bug fixes of many areas of a Caché product, including kernel of a Caché engine, and surrounding object framework. Кeimplemented and maintained 64-bit Windows version of a Caché kernel packet driver (NDIS protocol driver). Moderated Russian Caché community, and participated in a worldwide Caché developers community.
  • StatProgress November 1996 .. February 2000
    Development of the original patented technology for constructing of 16-and 32-bit multimedia MediaView-based courses running on Windows. Led development of several multimedia courses, and web sites. Part-time UI design, web-design and web-programming.
  • Inzer May 1994 .. February 1996
    Participated in the development of Windows Application Constructor, scripting subsystem in the Windows terminal and dialer program (DataLine 2.0). Documentation, setups in various projects. Custom development.
  • MP Karat September 1990 .. April 1994
    Support of Borland C/C++ and Borland Pascal products.
  • Heliomed March 1990 .. March 1994
    Development of an optimizing C compiler for 8-bit Z80-based embedded software (firmware of x-ray devices).

Education and academia

  • Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MSIEM) September 1988 .. February 1994
    Graduation thesis title - “Development of a parser for the general purpose language Z”
  • Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MSIEM) March 1994 .. June 2002
    Delivered lectures and practical workshops on several courses, including “Compiler Design and Implementation”, “Object-Oriented Design”, “CAD Instrumental Tools”, etc. Written several scientific publications.
  • Nesterova University 2010, 2011, 2013
    Delivered a course of “Computer Systems Architecture”